Home Brew FTW!

Home Brew FTW!

This is a bit outdated, but mostly still true. So, you know, go on over to chronicallyirritated.com for better stuff. 😉

Sara Santiago isn’t for everyone, and she’s ok with that. Sara spends her days doing what most moms do. She juggles eleventy hundred things in the air while trying not to screw up her kids. A busy working mama of two proud geek-girls-in-training, Sara and her husband put much of their focus on the important aspects of raising cultured, well rounded children.


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Making sure the children get an authentic Star Wars experience by forcing them to begin the series with Episode IV (A New Hope) on 1988 special edition VHS tapes and moving through the saga, not chronologically, but by original release date. And yes, Han shot first.
  • Turning their back yard into an urban farm called Bumblebee Garden (feeding friends, neighbors, and a local food pantry for 5 years running).
  • Homebrewing craft beer as an ongoing family science experiment.
  • Branding said craft beer and creating a family owned craft brewery (NMB Brewery, be sure to check in on FourSquare).
  • Instilling the firm belief that “Life On Mars?” is, in fact, Bowie’s best song to date. Because it’s totally true.
Sara Santiago Professional Speaking

Sara’s known to rock the mic-ro-phone.

Sara is a national speaker on mobile and social marketing and development, and also speaks to groups about empowering young women to become leaders in their professional space and rock people’s faces off, no matter what the obstacles may be. A frequent traveler, Sara is grateful to get the opportunity to meet so many awesome human beings and see so many wonderful places, but her heart belongs to the fine people of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, because they always leave a light on for her until she comes home again.

Sara was named:

  • onmilwaukee.com’s 100 Coolest Milwaukeeans – 2010
  • Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee’s Power Executive Award, Social Media – 2010
  • Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee’s Forty Under 40 Award – 2011
  • Milwaukee Business Journal’s Most Influential Executive in Social Media – 2012
  • BizTimes BRAVO! Entrepreneur of the Year Award — 2013
  • A bunch of other super classy awards. Go figure.

Sara Santiago Speaking


Sara can be found compulsively tweeting as @SaraSantiago.